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Monster Cable Rock Guitar Cable

Monster Cable Rock Guitar Cable
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Monster Rock Cable features patented technologies help you deliver the power and full impact of your tone. Unlike ordinary cable, Monster Rock uses patented technologies to accent the raw power of your sound so it cuts through the mix. Monsters advanced coaxial design preserves fast transients, clean highs and vivid harmonics while patented multiple gauge wire networks enhance your guitars sonic bite. A solid core center conductor provides tighter bass response, plus an extra-dense braided shield and carbon-infused dielectric minimize interference and hum. Monsters 24k gold contact ergonomic connectors ensure a strong, reliable connection that withstands the constant abuse of stage and studio. Monster Cable Rock Guitar Cable Features 95% coverage copper braided shield rejects RFI and EMI for a lower noise floor and increased resolution. IsoTec vibration isolation technology further reduces handling noise. Extra-flexible Duraflex outer jacket for superior reliability and cut resistance. 24k 1/4' gold contact connectors with collar strain relief are durable and corrosion resistant. Multiple Time Correct windings phase align signal for natural reproduction of midrange frequencies. MicroFiber inner dielectric provides better isolation of magnetic fields for improved harmonic detail. Ergonomically contoured, heavy-duty body shell is easier to grab and offers hassle-free insertion and removal every time. Cables-the Final Link Monster Cable's legendary microphone and musical instrument cables, found in many of the world's top recording studios, are used religiously by engineers, producers and musicians alike. In fact, Monster's cables are acknowledged as the reference standard for some of today's hottest artists. These professionals recognize that the quality and sound of their cables play a crucial role in delivering the very best possible sound reduction. And in the highly competitive world of music, Monster gives the artist and recording engineer that extra edge to turn an ordinary performance into something extraordinary. Engineered for Better Sound While other cables can smother sound, increase distortion and flatten bass, link cables utilize unique patented technologies such as multi-gauge Bandwidth Balanced wire networks and Time Correct windings to transfer complex music signals between components with greater accuracy and per phase alignment. Monster's MicroFiber dielectric employs an intricate cess of winding an air-core fiber around each individual conductor to reduce dielectric losses and electromagnetic distortions. MicroFiber increases dynamic range, extending high frequencies and reducing background noise. In addition, Monster's MultiTwist construction, ultra-dense shielding and conductive polymer dielectrics are used to eliminate hum, interference and handling noise.

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