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Month 6 (2 Piece)

Month 6 (2 Piece)
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Sensa is a taste-enhancing formula that teaches the body and mind to be satisfied with smaller meal portions using a proprietary blend of patent-pending crystals called Tastants. The Tastants used in Sensa are completely flavorless and do not affect the taste of foods in any way. Sensa is free of stimulants, side effects, chemicals, drugs, calories, sugar and MSG. It causes you to eat less without deprivation by stimulating the satiety center in the brain, which is the area that tells the body to feel satisfied. This allows you to lose weight without giving up your favorite foods or spending your days feeling hungry. Sensa's slim packaging was specifically designed to fit easily into pockets and purses for simple and discreet use while eating out or traveling. The six month system provides results that are both long-term and sustainable by helping you lose a healthy one to two pounds per week. Every month, a new Sensa level is used in order to prevent sensory resistance in the satiety center. After all six months are completed, the system is simply re-started, beginning with Month 1, until the desired results are achieved. Due to its ease, lack of deprivation and cost effectiveness in comparison to other weight loss plans, Sensa is the clear front runner for those who wish to lose any amount of weight. Although Sensa may be used with any diet and lifestyle, the best results will be achieved when used in conjunction with a healthy diet and regular exercise. Includes two Sensa shakers with formulas for sweet and non-sweet foods.