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Mysims: Skyheroes - Playstation 3

Mysims: Skyheroes - Playstation 3
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SynopsisThe bright blue sky stretches before you as you bank to the left, dodging a rain of enemy fire. Your plane smoothly turns and you crane your neck to get a look at the evil drone dogging you. A burst of gunfire startles you but you have no time for surprise as your teammate's plane plummets out of the air, right wing on fire and falling fast. A bright white parachute blossoms and you breathe a sigh of relief but it's short-lived. Now it is just you and them. How will you fight off the overwhelming odds? It will take unflagging courage and the skills of an expert to beat these villains in fast-paced aerial combat. Do you have what it takes? MySims: SkyHeroes takes you into the great blue above to defeat a dastardly foe. As you lead the resistance against Morcubus, you will find yourself face-to-face with impressive odds and evil drones. Come out on top with the help of a friend in split-screen co-op play, or face the enemy on your own in dogfights, air raids, rescue missions and more. Epic boss battles will strain even the most expert flyers, but you have talent and technology at your back. As you progress through the levels you can upgrade your wings, switch out your engine and paint your plane with camouflage to gain the advantage over your enemies. Take the dogfight online in massive multiplayer battles against up to 10 players. With a plane like yours, the sky's the limit on what you can accomplish.

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