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Mystery 2730-1300 1300rpm/v Outrunner Brushless Motor (s)

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Need to replace the motor for your dear RC helicopter? Then we would like to introduce you with this Motor for RC Helicopter. This is a MYSTERY Motor for RC Helicopter. 1300Rpm/V. 6-14 Volt recommended input voltage. 98% max efficiency. 18A max current. This brushed DC electric motor comes complete with capacitor and pinions gears installed. Soldering is required for installation of the power wires. These motors can not be used with the Heavy duty Draganflyer motor. It is very easy to install, you can just install it onto your RC helicopter all by yourself. It is made of durable and high quality, which is durable and lasting with long time use.Hurry up to get this Outrunner Brushless Motor for your beloved RC helicopter, it will surely make your helicopter run faster.

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