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Nady Dkw 1 Vhf Handheld Wireless Microphone System

Nady Dkw 1 Vhf Handheld Wireless Microphone System
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The most affordable professional wireless we've ever offered! The DKW-1 is the perfect entry-level pro wireless, delivering clear, transparent, high-fidelity audio. It's ideal for a broad range of singing and speaking applications - karaoke and recreational singers, DJs, auctioneers, teachers, aerobics instructors, clergy and more. Although offered at a breakthrough new low price for a pro wireless, the DKW-1 is loaded with features such as interference-free, high-band VHF operation, a neodymium mic capsule, special circuitry to eliminate transmitter on/off 'pop' noises, and a 250-foot typical operating range (up to 500 feet in line-of-site!). Other features include up to 15-hour battery life, 1/4' output from the receiver, and an extremely compact receiver. Power supply included. Over Twenty Years of Wireless and Audio Innovation Nady Systems has been designing, manufacturing, and marketing wireless microphones since 1976. One of the first wireless innovators, Nady Systems has sold close to two million wireless systems worldwide, and continues to provide the most innovative and highest performing products at the most competitive prices. John Nady, an electronics engineer and founder and CEO of Nady Systems, was the first to tackle the complex issue of noise reduction in wireless microphones. This led him to develop and patent a companding process for wireless which continues to set the standard in the industry for clear natural sound. Nady's original marketing was in music and pro audio, and by 1985 over 75% of the world's top performing acts were using Nady's wireless systems. Meanwhile, Nady had expanded its line into many other markets. The earliest successes in the television production market included featured use of Nady wireless microphones on both the 1978 Grammy and Golden Globe Award shows. Since then Nady has introduced a variety of cost effective, high performance wireless innovations to this market. (e.g., in the early 1990's, Nady introduced the first synthesized frequency agile UHF systems, including both rackmount and portable ENG units). Nady has also been prominent in the church market, starting with the top television evangelists in the early 1980's, to today's widespread use by churches and places of worship throughout the country. Nady's unparalleled price/performance edge makes Nady wireless the #1 choice for all public speaking applications as well. Since the early 1980's, Nady has expanded its line beyond wireless microphones. The products offered now include motorcycle communicators, two-way transceivers, assistive listening devices, telephone headsets, wired microphones and audio accessories for video and camcorder systems. Most recently, the company introduced an extensive new audio line--Nady Audio--which includes a broad spectrum of high-quality, durable and affordable audio gear: mixers, amplifiers, crossovers, EQ's, pro rack gear, consoles, speakers, headphones, studio

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