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Native Instruments Traktor Scratch Pro Timecode Vinyl

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Native Instruments Traktor Scratch Pro Timecode Vinyl; Bring together the worlds of digital and analog DJing. Traktor Scratch Timecode Vinyl gives you a response time that is unmatched by other DJ vinyl controllers. With the control signal formatted onto it, Traktor Scratch Pro Vinyl makes your digital files feel like they are cut right into the record. The record contains 17 minutes of control code on one side and 12-minutes of deeper cut grooves for turntablists and scratch DJs on the reverse side, pressed onto 120g vinyl. The scroll track provides the means to select songs without using your computer keyboard providing the illusion of record to record song switching by using the turntable as the computer interface. Traktor Scratch Vinyl produces a 2kHz carrier frequency that offers impeccable tracking information, allowing very slow speeds to be tracked with incredible smoothness. This frequency also makes decoding more reliable due to the greater signal headroom available. Traktor Scratch Timecode Vinyl Features Fast control signals for immediate response Reliable 2kHz control signal High speed spinning ability The 120g vinyl is ideal for scratch DJs Unique scrolling feature 3 separate zones for controlling playback and searching playlists With the record flip feature, Traktor Scratch Pro instantly detects that you have flipped your control vinyl to it's other side and will automatically load the next track in the playlist. Mastered and cut at Berlin's renowned studio Dubplates and Mastering , the grooves have exceptional depth for gripping the stylus. Zone 1: Lead-in Dropping the needle in the Lead-In zone (the first few millimeters of the record) will bring you to the beginning of the loaded track. This zone is primarily used as a method to skip back to the intro of a track when playing in the Relative Control Reading Mode. Zone 2: Playback The Playback zone is the main body of the record. Subdivided into 10 tracks on side A and 15 tracks on side B, this zone is mainly used for regular playback. The subdivisions are visual time markers that have no effect on the continuous playback of the track loaded on your Traktor Scratch software. Zone 3: Scrolling Drop the needle in the Scrolling Zone (the last two tracks of the record) and you gain control of the scrolling of the tunes on your computer with the use of the Traktor Scratch software. Scroll up and down through your playlist by spinning the record forward or backward. When you get to the track you want to play just place the needle back into Zone 1 for playback. is an authorized dealer of Native Instruments products.

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