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Nba 2k10 Anniversary Edition - Xbox 360

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SynopsisCelebrate 10 years of true basketball greatness. As the clock ticks down the final seconds of the game, you can feel the tension mount. Your team trails by one point, and the outcome of the entire game is coming down to this play. A teammate passes you the ball, and you aim for the basket. In that split second when the ball leaves your fingers, hurtling toward the basket, all your hopes are carried with it. Will your aim be true and win your team the game? Experience all the intense pressure and breathless excitement of professional basketball in the NBA 2K10 Anniversary Edition, packed with extras to commemorate the 10th anniversary of this incredible series. Get ready to rule the court as this new installment in the popular franchise builds on the success of NBA 2K9 with all-new gameplay components, awesome graphics, all-new presentation elements and more. See the NBA come to life before your eyes with even more realistic Signature Style animations that bring you into the heart of the action, and take your talents beyond the home court with the exciting online system. This special Anniversary Edition includes a numbered game storage locker that holds up to 20 games and features a combination lock; an exclusive 6 McFarlane Kobe Bryant figurine; an exclusive 16 x 36 2K Sports Kobe Bryant poster designed by Shepard Fairey's Studio No. 1; an NBA 2K10 10th Anniversary video exploring the history of the franchise; and access to the Gold Room, NBA 2K10's VIP online lobby.

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