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New Super Mario Bros Pre-owned - Nintendo Ds

SynopsisOnce upon a time, the gaming world was turned on its head by a little gray cartridge for the Nintendo Entertainment System: Super Mario Bros. Now, more than twenty years later, witness the evolution of the platformer that started it all with New Super Mario Bros., the latest installment of the beloved franchise on the Nintendo DS. It may be in incredible 3D, but you'll hearken back to those glorious 2D days of stomping Goombas, kicking turtle shells and chasing mushrooms. Join Mario and Luigi as they jump and climb their way over fields, under water, through castles and into the air. Collect all-new powerups, including the Blue Shell that Mario can ride in and the massive Mushroom that makes him super-huge. Team up with a friend and play as both Mario and Luigi in multiplayer mode. You and Mario will both take a nice little trip back to your roots with New Super Mario Bros.

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