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Nikon Coolpix S570 Digital Camera

Nikon Coolpix S570 Digital Camera
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The COOLPIX S570 comes with a NIKKOR 5x zoom lens which offers outstanding precision and sharp resolution with a 35mm equivalent range of 28 ?140mm. The S570s 4x anti-blur automatically counters blurred images in four different ways. Electronic VR (Vibration Reduction) reduces the effect of camera shake. High ISO (up to 3200) light sensitivity reduces the risk of blurred images with fast-moving subjects or in low-light. Motion detection compensates for camera and subject movement. Best Shot Selector (BSS) automatically selects the sharpest of up to 10 sequential shots. Beyond the 12.0 megapixels image sensor, the COOLPIX S570s photographic feature incorporates the Smart portrait system (advanced automatic features for perfect portraits), Smile Mode (takes the shot when your chosen subject smiles), Blink Warning (alerts you when someone had their eyes closed), Blink Proof (takes two pictures and saves the one where your subjects eyes are open) and Advanced Face Priority AF (lets you quickly detect and focus accurately on up to 12 faces in the frame). The COOLPIX S570 also comes with the Scene Auto Selector which selects the optimum Scene mode for popular photographic situations. The 2.7-inch LCDs anti-reflection coating ensures that you have good visibility even in bright sunlight when composing or viewing photos with the S570.

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