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Nintendo Nintendo 3ds - Flame Red

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Lose yourself in your handheld games like never before. From humble beginnings with a single screen and a few buttons, the handheld console has transformed to become a window into other worlds. Now, with the Nintendo 3DS you can immerse yourself in the thrills and excitement of your games with vivid colors, brilliant action and 3D visuals. Created for use without cumbersome 3D glasses, the Nintendo 3DS lets you view dynamic visuals and explore worlds that feature true depth with the naked eye. Decide how much 3D you want to see with the Depth Slider, from no 3D all the way to the wonder of maximum 3D. In addition to 3D visuals, the Nintendo 3DS offers a variety of other features to enrich your gaming experience. Operate the bottom touch screen with the telescoping stylus that can be stored within the system. Change your perception of the world around you with fascinating augmented reality games and built-in applications. Take pictures and more with the inward-facing camera and dual outward-facing cameras. When you move the handheld system around, it knows the built-in gyro sensor, motion sensor and pedometer detect movement to enrich your gaming experience. Are you ready to enter a whole new world of handheld gaming?

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