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Noritz Nh150-dv 93w Tankless Hydronic Boiler With Direct Vent- Nh150-dv

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Noritz NH Series NH-1501-DV Liquid Propane Tankless Hydronic Boiler is designed specifically for heating homes. This tankless water heater is an indoor wall mounting unit with direct venting. This model provide quiet and constant heat to your home by providing hot water to panel radiators, baseboards, radiant flooring and forced hydro-air systems. Available in Liquid Propane Gas model, this unit is energy efficient, environmentally friendly, and supplies hot water whenever you need it. Also, it is capable of offering nine temperature settings of endless hot water for hydronic heating. Being significantly smaller in size, this tankless water heater gives your home more space to enjoy.,Air Supply Exhaust Type: Direct Vent Sealed Combustion Amount of boiler water used: 4-17 GPM (bypass minimum-flow rate 2.5GPM) Casing Materials: Zincified Steel Plate Polyester Coating Centigrade (Degree): 60-80C (In 5C intervals), 83C (6 Options) Color: White Consumption: 93W Depth: 9-2 5 Flue Collar Materials: Stainless Steel Fuel Type: Liquid Propane, Natural Gas Gas Inlet: 3 4 Heat Exchanger Materials: Copper Sheeting, Copper Tubing Heating method Type: Closed type hot-water circulation method Height: 24-1 5 Ignition: Direct Ignition Installation Type: Indoor Wall Mounted Max Gas Consumption: 150,000 BTU Hr Min Gas Consumption: 55,500 BTU Hr Operating Pressure: 15-150 psi Return: 1 Safety valve setting pressure: 30 psi Standard Output: 45,500-122,400 BTU Hr Supply: 1 Supply: 120 VAC (60Hz) Temperature Settings Fahrenheit (Degree): 140-170F (In 5F intervals), 176, 180F (9 Options) Thermal Efficiency: 82.8% Water Holding Capacity: 0.4 Gallon Weight: 65.3 Width: 18-1 3,{Features Safety Devices Flame Rod, Thermal Fuse, Lightning Protection Device (ZNR), Overheat Prevention Device, Freezing Prevention Device, Fan Rotation Detector, Boil-dry Safety Device, Boil-dry Protection Device, Overcurrent Protection Device Fully modulating burner - Automatically adjusts burner level accordingly Dual flame burner - Noritz exclusive Minimizes

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