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Nostalgia Electrics Folding Griddle

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Cooking on the griddle just got a lot easier! Purchase the Nostalgia Electrics Folding Griddle (FG100-BLK) to amp up your cooking routine. This innovative griddle features a non-stick surface and folds so you have twice the cooking space and need half the storage room. In addition, the FG100-BLK also has a thin, lightweight design that's great for portability. Look no further than the Nostalgia Electrics folding Griddle if you're in the market for a griddle that will fit compactly in your kitchen and is great for camping and on-the-go excursions. Compact, Lightweight Design:This griddle is easy to store and great to bring along on tailgates or camping trips Non-Stick Griddle:Clean-up is easy because there's no scrubbing required Innovative Folding Feature:It folds so you have twice the cooking space but need 1/2 the storage room

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