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Open Season - Nintendo Gamecube

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Synopsis Boog has just helped his buddy Elliot, a mule deer, escape from a hunter. But now, both he and Elliot are lost in the woods, which is not a good place to be when it's three days before the start of hunting season and you're a domesticated bear that misses all the comforts of home. The only thing to do is to go native, and rally the woodland creatures to help get rid of the hunters once and for all. In this fast-paced, action-filled game, you can play as either Boog or Elliot, and relive key moments from the Sony computer-animated movie Open Season. Use every weapon at your disposal skunk bombs, rabbits, even acorn-firing squirrels to drive the hunters from the forest. Along the way, challenge your friends to some wild and wacky mini games, and create your own outrageous adventures with the rest of the zany cast from the film.19.99

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