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Original World War Ii Newspapers

Original World War Ii Newspapers
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Own a complete ORIGINAL newspaper with an ad announcing the April 20, 1912 sailing of the Titanic from New York to England. That voyage would never take place as the Titanic struck an iceberg on April 14, 1912 and sank. This is a great Titanic memento.When you order, you will be sent a newspaper of our choice (you can't order a specific date or event). The newspapers, which have some minor chipping at the edges, come in an acid-free Mylar envelope. These original newspapers are from the Caren Archive, which has been buying and selling rare newspapers, manuscripts, photography and historic collectibles for more than two decades and has in excess of one million objects. All antiquities from the Caren Archive come with a certificate of authenticity guaranteeing that the item is original.PLEASE ALLOW 3 - 5 DAYS TO SHIP

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