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Projector 10 Lumens High Definition Pocket Cinema

Projector 10 Lumens High Definition Pocket Cinema
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Thanks for visiting! The tiny and versatile portable Pocket Projector D03-A lets you create a huge screen almost any where. Projects a screen size from 6 to 54 inches Provides up to 3 hours play back time AV-In and Audio-Out sockets to connect speakers and any compatible device from DVD players. No bigger than a mobile phone and weighing only 93g, the D03-A High Definition Projector is Small enough to take with you to meetings and presentations. Smartphone Media: Perfect for sharing movies, the portable High Definition Projector has a built-in SD memory card slot. Store your presentations, movies or home videos ready for playback any time. It's ideal for hosting presentations, sharing ideas or just to entertain friends with a movie, the portable Pocket Projector. A truly Mini Projector, the Pocket Projector has a built in battery and speakers, providing up to 3 hours of playback time from single charge.

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