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Radica Total Meltdown Electronic Puzzle Solving Game

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Can you handle the pressure It s an intense electronic code cracking game where the pressure s on to complete 4 intense challenges before the computer suffers a Total Meltdown! First up is Live Wire where you must un plug and re plug 5 different live wires into the correct ports. Each time you insert all the wires press the enter button to see which wires light up to tell you if they re in the correct port or not. Keep switching out all the wires until you have all 5 in their correct ports! Whew. But wait that was only the beginning! The second challenge is Circuit Breaker where you must insert 12 shaped computer chips into their correct slots as quickly as possible. A bit like Perfection this task requires a keen eye and a steady hand as you insert the pieces in a pressure packed situation. Sweating yet Third up is Access Code where you must successfully decipher and enter the code to access the computer s core. The keypad buttons will light up in a certain sequence and you must correctly repeat the pattern to crack the code. You re almost there! The final challenge The Core is the trickiest yet. You must carefully remove the computer core without letting any part of it touch the sides. If it does it will be damaged and you must return the core to the bottom and start over. With the clock ticking and time running out the instinct will be to rush this as quickly as possible. But it takes a very delicate touch to remove the core without causing a Total Meltdown! Requires 3 AA batteries (not included). For 1 4 Players Ages 8 and Up.

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