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Rosetta Stone Version 4: Spanish (latin Ameica) Level 1-3 Set - Mac/windows

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Learn more about this software. Explore and connect with the world around you and discover new possibilities as you reach out in a new language. Whether you're traveling, moving to a new country, or speaking with business partners, Rosetta Stone language software takes the challenge out of learning a new language and empowers you to communicate with confidence. Introduce yourself and greet new friends. Ask for directions, order from a menu and get help while traveling. Have intelligent, meaningful conversations about life events, traditions and feelings. Now, one of the most trusted names in language is better than ever, with speech-recognition technology, mobile support and an online community to give you the motivation and the guidance you need as you learn and grow in a new language with the Rosetta Stone Version 4: Spanish (Latin America) Level 1-3 Set. Rosetta Stone uses an award-winning Dynamic Immersion approach of guiding you to fluid communication, by using native speakers, intuition and natural learning skills to completely immerse you in the Spanish language without using translation as a crutch. Learn Spanish like you learned your original language, by immersion and practice, instead of flashcard memorization. Take advantage of live tutoring sessions with native speakers, practice with other learners online and even tap into audio and mobile support for your iPhone, iPod touch and CD or MP3 player, then build on your knowledge with cultural and vocabulary information on advanced topics and travel skills. Whether you're traveling for work or pleasure, moving to a new place or just talking to new friends, speaking and understanding Spanish is easy and flawless with the help of Rosetta Stone, coupled with your natural language-learning skills.

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