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Sabio Network Storage Server Cm404

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Sabios CM404 network storage device is a full featured network attached storage solutions for small businesses, offices, IT professionals, and home environments. By providing central data storage, wireless, LCD screen, hardware RAID acceleration, media server, a powerful backup software and easily swappable drives, the CM404 is the ideal solution for anyone who needs secure, reliable storage at a reasonable price.Simple to Install and Manage:Simply connect the CM404 to power and the additional storage capacity is available to every PC, Linux or Mac computer on the network.The LCD screen provides information including IP Address, system status, available capacity.Latest TechnologyThe CM404 uses the latest technology to provide a small, quiet, fault tolerant storage solution.Hardware RAID technology support allows the user to configure the system to recover from a hard drive failure.CM404 supports a raw capacity of up to 8 TB for virtually limitless storage space.The USB port on the CM404 allows users to archive data to an external storage device to take data offsite or to consolidate all the USB drives to a central location with the push of a single button.The CM404 has a media server that includes iTunes server and The CM404 also has a print server feature built in.Automatic Backup and System UpdatesThe included a backup software to automatically backs up a complete disc image of a Windows PC connected to the network.The Automatic backup utility can be configured to do daily backups on a schedule defined by the user.The software supports disc and file level recovery.The CM400 also has the ability to send e-mail updates with status information.

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