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Seca 700-11 Physician's Mechanical Beam Scale Without Height Rod and With Wheels, Pounds Only

Seca 700-11 Physician
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Features of the Seca 700-11 Physician's Mechanical Beam Scale:Precise, sturdy and convenient.You and your patients will benefit more from the new Seca 700.It sets a new standard worldwide.More precision due to the 0.1 lb graduation and a higher capacity of up to 500 lbs.More comfort due to the very flat, large plaftorm and eye-level beam.Equipped with integrated wheels mobility and flexibility.This scale has long been the world leader in hospitals and fitness centers and now has been redesigned to be the ideal weighing solution wherever accuracy and durability are needed.Capacity: 500 lbs or 220 kg or 400 lbs / 180 kg.Graduations: 1/8 lbs or 50 g or 1/4 lbs / 100 g.Dimensions: 520 x 1,556 x 519 mm / 17.5 x 57.5 x 21.5.Weight: 23.5 kg / 52 lbs.Measuring Range: 60 - 200 cm / 25 - 78".Graduations: 1 mm / 1/8".Platform dimensions: 14.25" D x 13.75" W x 3.75" H.

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