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Signature Milano Black Dress Shoe

Signature Milano Black Dress Shoe
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Gravity Defyer's black-tie shoe, the Signature Milano Black Dress Shoe is built with the highest quality materials and craftsmanship of any shoe in the collection. The three "smart-memory" springs of the exclusive MXT-S1 sole technology are concealed in the traditional cut away heel. The large suspension spring is an excellent shock absorber, while the two smaller springs help maintain balance. The springs actually learn the way you walk and react to your unique stride. The narrower toe and immaculate detailing will last you for years. The shoe contains the patented AVS³ technology, or Air Ventilation Step Strike System, our patented cooling system. You'll feel cool and fresh with every step as the pumping action of the MXT-S1 sole draws air away from the footbed and expells it though a one way valve. No more hot, sticky, smelly feet. The AVS³ system will help to reduce your shoes internal temperature and reduce microbial growth.

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