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Silent Hill Experience - Pre-played

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Experience the bone-chilling world of Silent Hill in an all-new way with this interactive descent into the horror-filled abandoned town. The Silent Hill Experience combines digital comics, music, and video to conjure the feeling that's made Silent Hill one of the most frightening - and popular - franchises of all time. The acclaimed comic series Silent Hill: Dying Inside and an all-new Silent Hill comic saga, The Hunger, are presented in digital form, accompanied by a haunting soundtrack. Delve deeper with exclusive interviews with composer Akira Yamaoka and Silent Hill movie director Christophe Gans. Watch the movie trailer, see rare hidden content from Silent Hill games, and more.

jane slaughter says...

AS WITH ANY OF THE SILENT HILL GAMES, THIS GAME IS NOT SUTIBLE FOR CHILDREN.This is an interesting addition to the Silent Hill Series. Much like Silent Hill 4, the story reaches out and away from the city itself and shows the impact that Silent Hill and it's history has on the world around it. This story takes place mostly in a different town called "Shepherd's Glen" and not in Silent Hill. While some feel the game has no place in the series, I feel very differently. I think this is a must play for any Silent Hill fan. I've heard many different opinions, and unfortunately a review is not going to tell you if you are going to like this game or not. It's just that simple.However, this is in many ways a disappointment in what many (including myself) had hoped for in the next generation of Silent Hill. The most frustrating thing about this game is the lack of puzzles. For some reason the designers focused more on battle and instinctual strategy instead of logical strategy. The small selection of weapons also is a bit unfortunate. However, you do need to use ALL of the weapons, and certain weapons work better on one enemy as opposed to another.There is an in the game journal that records most of the hints you will need, photos you pick up, and drawing that you find scattered here and there. However for the avid series fan, you will notice that the traditional document diary is not there. While you do find documents with some subplots and information about the story, they are not recorded in your journal. For some players I am sure this is unimportant, for me I missed it.The battle system takes a little getting used to and you have to face some monsters several times before you know how to fight them. A better dodge system draws you into battles unlike previous games in the series. Still, it is rare for you to be able to avoid creatures as you could in the earlier games. Your flash light being on or off holds little relevance since hiding is near impossible through out the game and bares no impact on which ending you get or any unlockables.While normally I would give a game like this 3 stars, the story line was very deep and perhaps one of the best in the series. If they had remained true to the series and did not change certain elements, this would have gained an easy five star rating. I believe a higher rating would be given by certain others also if this was the case.In a nut shell, the story spends more time on Shepherd's Glen then on Silent Hill, an enjoyable battle system with strong strategic elements adds a flair not seen previously in the series, there is a strong lack of puzzles, the plot is deep and is tied up nicely, there's a small selection of weapons but they are put to use very well, while eerie it is more disturbing then unsettling.Over all, if you are a fan of the Silent Hill series definitely play this game, but play it with an open mind and don't expect it to be the best of the bunch.

Beverly So says...

The great Silent Hill is still as scary as they come, especially on a surround sound system. The storyline is still solid like always and the mood will send chills down your spine. Although, this title could easily be called, "Shepherd's Glen" (a neighboring town of Silent Hill) because much of the action happens there. The monster types have been upgraded in this version and aren't as easy to beat. Ammo and health isn't as widespread in the previous versions either, making this one a bit more difficult. If you've seen the movie, then you'll notice that they spliced pieces of that in the game also.The animation needs a bit more work though, espcially when watching the characters speak as it's almost comical since most of the time their mouth's don't even move. The game also tends to freeze every once and a while. That mixed with the animation flaw signals that it was really programmed for the last gen consoles, but it still doesn't take away from the fun in this game. I would definitely recommend it if you're a Silent Hill Fan.

odessa escobido says...

Even though new developers created this game, the feel for it is still the same as the previous silent hills developed by Team Silent.Bottomline, if your looking for a mystery or horror action game...... this is the game to get!

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