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Singstar Pop With Microphones For Playstation 2

Singstar Pop With Microphones For Playstation 2
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Here's your chance to sing with your favorite musicians. SingStar is an innovative, sophisticated and captivating experience that can turn anyone into an instant singing sensation. Two custom, high-quality microphones are included, allowing would-be musicians to really get into their performances. With microphones in hand, players perform along with chart-topping artists as song lyrics and the original music video play on-screen. Features 30 hit songs from a broad range of music genres, ensuring there is something for all tastes. And with a variety of game play modes, including solo, pass-the-mic, battle, and duet, SingStar can turn any gathering into a rocking party! So crank up the volume, break out the stage lights, get ready to turn friends into raving fans and prove you are a rock star with SingStar.