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Smithsonian Mega Science Lab

Smithsonian Mega Science Lab
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The Smithsonian Mega Science Lab is your ticket to a world of adventure, discover and wonder! Six amazing activities are in this super-safe, super-cool science lab kit! Set up your own weather station, grow a gem-like crystal, build and erupt your own volcano, assemble T-Rex bones, paint a model of the earth and moon and build an eco dome habitat! Includes a full color poster.For ages 10 and up.Contents: 1 full color poster with instructions. Crystal Growing Kit: 1 cup, 1 mixing stick, 1 pair of goggles, 1 stone, 1 measuring cup and chemical powder. Earth Model: 1 moon, 1 earth, 1 base, 1 paintbrush, 1 arm and paints. Dino Dig: 1 sand block with dinosaur bones inside, 1 mallet and 1 dowel. Volcano: 1 volcano base, 1 eruption tube, 1 plaster, 1 string and foam tape. Eco Dome Habitat: 1 clear dome, 4 base plugs, 1 bug catcher and 1 eco dome base. Weather Station: 1 weather station body, 1 rain gauge, 1 thermometer, 1 wind velocity indicator, 1 total rain indicator, 1 swivel, 1 swivel cap, 1 compass rose base and 2 mounting screws. Type: Sets Gender: Unisex Age: Child,Teen,Adult