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Sony Playstation Move Motion Controller For Playstation 3

Sony Playstation Move Motion Controller For Playstation 3
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Get ready to unlock immersive gameplay experiences with the PlayStation Move Motion Controller. Have you ever wanted to slay enemies, slug a game-winning homerun or knock out your opponent for the championship belt? With PlayStation Move, you can the Motion Controller translates your every move into the game with absolute precision. Pair the Motion Controller with the Navigation Controller and PlayStation Eye camera (not included) to channel your gaming abilities even further. Are you ready to take your game to the next level? With PlayStation Move, your every move translates into the game with absolute precision so whether you're spiking a volleyball, defending yourself in a gladiator duel or drawing a bow and firing an arrow, you will feel like you're actually in the game. Using Bluetooth technology, this wireless controller accurately tracks both your fast and subtle movements for intuitive motion detection like never before. Your gameplay is enhanced by feedback delivered from specific actions, from the sphere's glowing light to vibration felt in the controller. Use up to four Motion Controllers with your PlayStation 3 for fun with every member of your family. PlayStation Move's easy-to-use controls make it accessible and fun for everyone, allowing you to immerse yourself in the action and get moving.

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