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Stetching At Your Computer Or Desk

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Bob Anderson's Stretching is one of the most widely used fitness books of our times. His new book, Stretching at Your Computer or Desk, expands on the theme by offering hundreds of combinations of exercises and routines specifically for people who work at a computer or a desk for long periods of time. Stretching relieves stress and tension and helps to create a pain-free day. Bob Anderson has been spreading the gospel of flexibility for decades (he published Stretching in 1980; it has 2 million copies in print in 17 languages), and now he applies what he knows to the modern keyboard culture. The exercises in this book are designed for workplace settings--sitting at your desk, standing at the copy machine, talking on the phone--and can all be done without drawing too much attention to yourself. People with lower-back, neck and shoulder pain from sitting too much, or with repetitive- stress injuries from typing, will find this book especially useful.

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