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Stroller Play Set By Tiny Love, Activity Toys For Baby's Stroller Bar **closeout**

Stroller Play Set By Tiny Love, Activity Toys For Baby
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This set of three very unique activity toys for baby's stroller bar will keep baby entertained, while fostering learning and enjoyment over several developmental stages. The detachable toys may be rearranged to hold baby's interest -- like having a new set of toys each time. Features: A detachable honking horn with pull teethers which may be detached from the strap, for mouthing, teething and exploring up close. A soft baby chick that rattles and flips over Colorful sliding beads The toys may also be attached to our Car-Bar Plus or Super Car-Bar for fun in the car. A multi-sensory play experience The three colorful toys of the Stroller Play Set stimulate baby's senses and coordination between them. The toys are made from a variety of materials that provide different tactile sensations. Some examples include the cloth and soft plastics on the wings, tail and head, and the hard plastic material that makes up the bee's body. The toys make different sounds as well, stimulating the sense of hearing. When baby explores and plays with the toys with his hands or mouth, he is developing his sense of sight, touch and hearing all at the same time, while perfecting the coordination between them. Fine Motor Development Each of the toys offers baby opportunities to use his fingers and arm muscles in a variety of ways that challenge his fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. These include pressing the horn to make it honk, striking or pulling the bee to make it move, and releasing the muscles in the palm of his hand and using just his fingers to move or spin the beads. Cognitive Skills When baby plays with the toys, he learns about the relationship between his actions and the results, such as a sound or movement. This is the basis of the concept of cause and effect and problem solving. 6-9m The strength in baby's hands allows him to play with the toys in a number of ways: strike, grasp, pull, and more. He uses these to discover the wide range of feelings and sounds the toys offer. These discoveries encourage him to continue to develop control over his hands and uncover the connection between these activities and the effects they produce. 9-12m Now when baby begins to separate his fingers, he discovers new capabilities he was unaware of before: he can grasp the beads and move them from side to side, spin them, grab the bee's tail, uncover the bumps on the wings, and more. Baby is quite the little scientist studying and investigating the causal relationships between his specific actions and the results they produce, such as What happens when you strike the bee, or squeeze or shake the horn? 12-18m The need to explore objects with his mouth begins to gradually fade, and is replaced by exploring with his hands. The toddler now discovers new ways to play, such as moving the beads from one side to the other and back again, or spinning them. This helps him develop hand-eye coordination -- using different muscles, and continues to chall