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Summer Vacation Super Snorkeling Combo Set - Mask, Fins, Snorkel, Mesh Bag

Open heel snorkelling fins SPEEDY SIZES (US): S/M (4.5-8.5), L/XL (10-13) (EUROPE): S/M (37-41), L/XL (44-48) * Open heel snorkelling fins. * Comfortable foot pocket. * Recommended to be worn with boots or neoprene socks. * The blades are vented to guide water more efficiently. Semi - Dry top silicone soft flex tube snorkel * Made with silicone mouthpiece the buckles also lie flat for packing and are less likely to break if dropped. Horizontal field of view: 80 degrees Vertical field of view: 65 degree Comfortable nose pocket Mask for scuba diving, and snorkeling. BLUETECH was designed to be a mask, which would fit most types of facial profile. Its hypoallergenic and elastic silicone skirt creates a watertight seal that is comfortable without overly compressing. The bendable buckles are also self adjustable and can help the mask to be packed into tight spaces for the travelers or storage. Silicone mask strap with small segments, can be easily adjusted even when wearing thick gloves. Size/Dimensions: Large - X-Large Color: Pink