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Texas Instruments Tivoyage200 Calculator

Texas Instruments Tivoyage200 Calculator
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Take your graphing needs to the big screen with the Voyage 200 from TI. The 128x240 pixel display has plenty of room for large, complex graphs. There is a full QWERTY keyboard and numeric keypad to make programming easier than ever before. The 188KB of RAM and 2.7MB of ROM give you lots of room for custom programs, apps and data sets. The Voyage is compatible with Calculator-Based Laboratroy (CBL2) and Calculator-Based Ranger (CBR) systems so you can use it to analyze real world data. You can also use the I/O port to transfer data between units or to a computer. There is also a ViewScreen port so you can present your data through an overhead projector. Type: Graphing Calculator Display: 128 x 240 pixel display Power: Powered by 4 AAA batteries with lithium battery backup to protect memory during main battery change Features: Texas Instruments Voyage 200 Scientific Calculator with Graphing - Get the best TI tool for College Calculus, Engineering, and beyond! This latest in the line of TI handhelds is a must-have for College Math and Engineering. The Voyage 200 handheld has a huge 2.7 Mb of Flash ROM, lots of