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The Baby Human 2 Geniuses In Diapers Dvd

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Inside the minds of our most precious creatures A journey of mental and emotional milestones Imagine being thrust into a world where you cannot speak, can barely move and must unravel the meaning behind a maze of sounds and sights in order to survive. This is the world of the baby. Series Two of this groundbreaking program takes a look inside the mind of a baby, revealing how they think, communicate and observe. It's an incredible journey that each of us has taken - but none of us remember. Get a carpet-and-crib-eye view of the baby's world, as they take their first humorous, death-defying, wondrous steps into life. Includes: To Feel / To Belong / To Relate Special Features: Less Common Baby Names and Their Meanings / Baby Trivia approx. 155 mins. col.

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