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Toslink 5.0mm to Mini-Toslink Optical Audio Cable: 6 ft

Toslink 5.0mm to Mini-Toslink Optical Audio Cable: 6 ft
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Toslink 5.0mm to Mini Toslink Optical Audio Cable: 6 ft Brand new, high quality standard Toslink male to Mini Toslink male fiber optic, digital cable. This premium cable features Mini Toslink (not to be confused with Mini Phono headphone plugs) on one end and regular toslink on the other. Mini Toslink are mostly found on Laptops by Apple, DVD, CD, mini disc, DAT, gaming systems, or digital audio equipment. Regular Toslink connectors can be found on many consumer electronics devices including DVD, HDTV, cable box, receivers, Blu Ray players, etc. Toslink optical cables are used to transmit S/PDIF digital audio information in optical form (red light). It is used by Dolby Digital and DTS sound systems NOTE: This cable can not be used to connect a stereo, mini phono, headphone jack, i.e. you can not connect your Ipod's headphone jack to your stereos optical digital input Features:. 5.0mm Jacket to protect the delicate fiber optic materials Gold Plated Ferrule Prevents Corrosion and Provides for Maximum Protection of the Fiber Tip. Precision polished fiber tips for Maximum Signal Transfer (includes tip protectors). Mini male toslink to standard male toslink connectors New Optical Fiber cables for the highest quality transfer of digital audio signals. High Quality molded connector housings Popular devices that use Toslink mini connections include:. Apple PowerBook G4. Apple Imac G5. Apple Mac Mini. Apple Imac Intel. Apple MacBook and MacBook Pro. Apple Aiport Express 8.02 models

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