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Turbo Pizza - Windows

Turbo Pizza - Windows
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SynopsisRebecca and Robert dream of running a successful pizza shop. They have the secret recipe, but can they set up a location, attract customers, fill orders and deliver speedy service? Find out in Turbo Pizza, a fun entrepreneurial adventure where you call all the shots. What tasty treats will you put on the menu? How will you spread the word about your new business? Where will your hard-earned money do the most good? It's up to you in this test of business savvy. Make the right choices or you'll literally blow all your dough. Turbo Pizza has 50 exciting levels, so you can keep adding items to your menu, purchasing new appliances and increasing Robert and Rebecca's culinary skills. Soon everyone will want to try your delicious pizzas. You'll even compete in local pizza-making contests to build your reputation. But make sure you give your customers what they want or your patrons will take their business elsewhere. Successful owners will eventually open two locations, each upgradable with fun extras. Turbo Pizza is the spot everyone goes to for a slice of food-themed fun.

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