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Weave Wire Guides

Weave Wire Guides
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Weave Wire Guides are a helpful training accessory for dogs learning to negotiate weave poles. Simply clip them on to the poles (at the dog's line of sight) to provide a "pathway" or "channel" for the dog to weave through. Eventually as the dog learns to weave, the wires can be raised up out of the dog's line of sight, and then removed entirely. It's almost like "training wheels" for your dog! These wires are made of a flexible plastic-coated wire that do not sag. They have special sliding clips that fit the Daring Dogs weave pole set. Each wire guide is 60 inches in length. Carton contains 4 wire guides....enough for a 6 pole weave set. The agility equipment is regulation size. It is sturdy for extended use, but probably more for practicing than actual competition. Set up and take down are very easy. Original carton is ideal for storage or transport to outings. Note: Weave Pole Set sold separately. Brand: Daring Dogs Made in USA

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