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Weekly Reader's Academic Fitness Elementary School - Mac/windows

Weekly Reader
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The elementary school years are formative ones in your children's lives. This is the time when young learners develop the key skills that they'll rely on throughout the rest of their endeavors. Give your kids the support, tools and knowledge they need to build a solid educational foundation with Weekly Reader's Academic Fitness Elementary School. Providing preparation for standardized testing, targeted approaches to core topics and monitoring tools for parents and teachers, this comprehensive software helps jet elementary schoolers ahead and encourages them to become lifelong learners. Weekly Reader's Academic Fitness Elementary School uses a unique multisensory teaching method to develop students' knowledge base in core elementary subjects, including science, social studies, math, literature, English, history and geography. Blending visual, textual and aural approaches, this software reaches learners with a variety of techniques. As students prepare to take their first standardized tests and school exams, Academic Fitness Elementary School offers practice tests and interactive quizzes so they can get the feedback they need to improve and grow. Take advantage of today's technology to power learning, using the new BookReader feature that records and plays back text, as well as iPod and iPod nano support for on-the-go learning. As your students progress through lessons and learn new skills, monitor the time they spend learning and the results of their tests to learn how to better support them. Your children can reach their full potential Academic Fitness has the tools to help them achieve their goals.

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