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Weekly Reader's Academic Fitness Sat, Psat And Act Bootcamp - Mac/windows

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You have dreams for your future. Get the support, develop the skills and gain the confidence you need to achieve them with Weekly Reader's Academic Fitness SAT, PSAT and ACT Bootcamp. Conquering the standardized tests that are the gateways to college takes hard work, but with the help of key skills, time-saving strategies and an awareness of your own strengths and weaknesses, you can walk into the exam room with confidence and earn the high scores you want on the SAT, ACT and PSAT. Weekly Reader's Academic Fitness SAT, PSAT and ACT Bootcamp uses a unique five-step method to develop your understanding of the exams, expose you to a real-life example and then analyze your problem areas so you can overcome obstacles and reach your goals. Once you take the included diagnostic test, interactive, classroom-like tutorial sessions help you hone the mathematics skills you need to ace the exam. Master an extensive math curriculum covering everything from algebra to calculus, as well computer skills like Excel and an introduction to Java, and learn the way that suits you best, whether it be visually, textually or aurally, from a multisensory teaching method. Make the most out of your limited test-taking time with Academic Fitness' rapid calculation method for tackling complex problems quickly, without the need for paper, pencil or calculator. You have the drive. You have the goal. Equip yourself with the tools to make your dream a reality.

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