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Wheel Of Fortune - Nintendo Wii

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SynopsisYou've built up a small fortune during this game, luckily spinning the wheel and correctly guessing letters. You can feel the crowd waiting in anticipation behind you as you stand and survey the puzzle. With only a few letters remaining to be revealed, you know the solution. The question that arises is do you solve, or take a chance at more money by spinning? You could hit the million dollars or lose it all. Wheel of Fortune lets you become a contestant on America's Favorite Game Show as your favorite Mii character. Join Pat Sajak and Vanna White on the set as you spin the wheel for prizes, cash and the chance to test your skills against more than 8,000 puzzles. Take on virtual opponents, or challenge family members in exciting three-player multiplayer. Grab your Wii Remote to spin the wheel and select your letters or use Wii Speak to call out your letters just like on the show. Enjoy show-related trivia and play commercial break mini games. Will you be able to solve the puzzle?

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