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Wii Fit Plus Sport Active MTF-8 Froup Fitness Class Bundle (MX Edition)

New DLP gaming projectors, projector screens and gaming speakers are now available as purchasing options for all DDR Group fitness bundles. Due to an unusual size and weight of the product, an additional oversize shipping and handling fee will be applied to the shipment. Your school or fitness class will love playing "Dance Dance Revolution® and Wii Fit Plus" . . . and you'll love the great aerobic workout with variety of game choices for your students. The class bundle includes: 1 Nintendo Wii System 1 Wii Fit Plus Game 1 Wii Sports Game 1 Wii Sports Resort Game 1 Wii EA Sports Active Game 1 Wii Gold Gym Cardio Game 1 Wii Fit Balance Board 1 Wii 2GB SD Memory Card 1 Wii Component Cable 1 Wii Carrying Bag 1 Wii Fit Rechargable Battery 1 Wii Fit Bag 1 Wii Fit Protective Sleeve 1 Wii Fit StepUp Raiser 1 Wii Dual Remote Charger 2 Wii Leg Strap 2 Wii Remote Controllers 2 Wii Nunchuks 2 Wii MotionPlus 2 Wii Tennis Rackets 2 Wii Golf Clubs 2 Wii Steering Wheels 2 Wii Baseball Bats 2 Wii Boxing Glove Sets 2 Wii Swords 2 Wii Archery Bows 2 Wii Frisbees 2 Wii Water Sports Handles 2 Wii Boat Paddles 2 Wii DDR "Tough" HD Deluxe Dance Platforms 6 DDR "Tough" Training Pads without Cables 7 Fitstep Training Boards 8 DDRGame Digital Pedometers 8 Wii Active Resistance Bands 8 Wii Fit Mat

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