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Winait Dv-136 1.5 Lcd 3.1mp 4x Digital Zoom Digital Camcorder

Winait Dv-136 1.5 Lcd 3.1mp 4x Digital Zoom Digital Camcorder
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Society today is a digital world. So you have mobile phone, computer, and music player. Every day you are enjoying your life. And every day you are growing older. So you want to record something that you can aftertaste when you are old. Then what you will choose? Here I want to introduce to you a perfect tool---Winait DV-136 1.5 3.1MP Digital Camcorder with 4X Digital Zoom. This Digital Camcorder is designed with 1.3 mega pixels, which can bring you high definition videos or images. The Mini DV Digital Camcorder resolution can get up to 320 times;240 (30 or 15fps). Adding a 1.5 rdquo; TFT Display Screen, you can enjoy the perfect video presented in front of you. The LCD Digital Camcorder can be used as PC camera, voice and picture recorder, music player and video camcorder. Moreover, as a next-generation highly compact Digital Video Camcorder, this best camcorder is easier than ever for on-the-go consumers to shoot and share high-quality video. Heart moving now? DO NOT HESITATE! COME ON! ENJOY LIFE

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