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Xblue Networks Xb-1670-00 Xb167000 Xb 1670 00 Xblue Speakerphone - Cha

Xblue networks XB-1670-00 Brand New Includes Three Year Warranty, The Xblue networks XB-1670-00 Small Office Digital VoIP Hybrid Speakerphone is designed and engineered with the latest in Digital and Voice over IP technology, XBLUE Networks' X16 Small Office Speakerphone delivers a new, powerful level of communications sophistication and efficiency. The innovative features of the X16 Small Office Speakerphone allow you to communicate more effectively then ever. X16 Hybrid System Corded Telephone, Caller ID / Call Waiting, Blue Backlit LCD Display, 6 Line Keys, 12 Personalized Feature Buttons, Cell Phone Like Navigation Keys, High Quality Speakerphone, Personal Phone Book, Call Forward to Voicemail, External Call Foward, Call Transfer, CO Line Busy/Idle Status (LED), CO Line Ringing (programmable), Conference (3-way), One Touch Live Call Recording, Daylight Savings (Automatic with Caller ID), Direct Station Select - Busy Lamp Field, Display Number Dial, Distintive Ringing, Do Not Disturb, Express Conferencing, Hands Free Answer, Handset / Headset Volume Control, Headset Activation, Hold, Redial, Flash Timer, Hot Dial Pad, One Touch Intercom Calling, Intercom Paging, Last Number Redial Log, Meet me Answer (Paging), New Message Status (At A Glance), Message Waiting, Music on Hold Internal / External, Mute with LED indication, Navigation Keys, New Message Count in Display, Phone Book Dialing, Speed Dial Buttons, Programmable Operator Position, Programmable Pause (Speed Bins), Ringer Volume Control, Set Time & Date, Time in Display, Tone/Pulse, Voice over IP (VoIP), Headset Jack, Not A Stand Alone Phone, Will Not Work Without Xblue networks XB-1610-00 System

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