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The Second Civil War (1997) Dvd deals and coupons

The Second Civil War (1997) Dvd

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Beau Bridges stars in this black comedy that spoofs media manipulation, tabloid sensationalism, and the business of politics in this dark vision of a not-so-futuristic America. With a planeload of immigrant Pakastani orphans heading to his state for permanent relocation, the Governor of Idaho (Bridges) decides to defy the President (Phil Hartman) and close the state's border. News Net Television, a CNN-like cable news program that dominates the race for ratings by reporting on every possible political scandal or upset, quickly becomes involved ...
Coby Mp-c848 Mp3 Digital Music Player W/ 256 Mb Flash Memory Usb Drive deals and coupons
Are you looking for an affordable, yet high quality MP3 player? Then the Coby MP-C848 MP3 Digital Music Player w/ 256 MB Flash Memory and USB Drive is just for you! The portable music player features 256 MB built in flash memory and USB PC interface for fast down/uploading. Store your music, data, documents and pictures in this small player. The player features digital voice recording up to 60 hours and mobile data storage function. LCD displays song title, album, and artist information. Direct connects into USB port (No cable required)/Upgrade...
Van Hauser Speaker Dock Station For Ipod, Mp3, Cd, Dvd Players 72-50031 W/ Case deals and coupons
Enhance your iPod experience with the Van Hauser 72-50031 Speaker Dock Station for iPod, MP3, CD, and/or DVD Players. The Van Hauser iPod Speaker Docking Station will change the way you listen to iPods. It will instantly transform your iPod into a mini stereo system with major sound! The Speaker Dock will fill a room with spectacular sound - in a dorm, patio, at a party or a weekend getaway. This docking stations includes a carrying case, and works for up to 5 generations of iPods. Slide attachments are included to customize the fit for each ty...
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