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Sunglasses With 4gb Mp3(sm04-2) deals and coupons

Sunglasses With 4gb Mp3(sm04-2)

$37.99 $25.25
  • updated 3 years ago
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For convenient music consumption during summer, this is absolutely ideal! The MP3 player doubles as a pair of sunglasses, and is lightweight enough to be comfortable for long-term wear. The battery is nothing to laugh at, either 5 hours of unstopped music is enough for almost anyone!4GB Of Memory: A large capacity for such a slim model, this player will hold a large amount of data. To give you an idea, it can store and play approximately 1400 songs!Supports Most File Formats: The most common audio file formats (MP3, WMA and WAV) are all suppor...
Sunglasses With 2gb Mp3(sm04-2) deals and coupons

Sunglasses With 2gb Mp3(sm04-2)

$29.99 $19.99
  • updated 4 years ago
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High quality sunglasses with built-in digital music player, this stylish product allows you to listen to your favorite music while jogging, walking or doing the gardening without the added inconvenience of headphone cords or bulky MP3 players. The glasses' frame is matt black in color and would suit those who lead outdoor lifestyles.USB Connection: Quickly and conveniently transfer songs from your PC to the sunglasses by using a USB cable. Supports Most File Formats: Common audio file formats (MP3, WMA or WAV) are all supported by the player so...
Black Universal Car Cassette Tape Deck Adapter For 3.5mm Audio Devices Iphone 4 Ipod 4 deals and coupons
Allows you to play CD, MP3 or MD players through your cars electrical system 3.5mm audio plug for ipods, iphones, ipads, etc. Color: Black Series: Universal Type: Misc Compatibility: Universal HTC: Universal Features: Universal
Pignose 7200 HOG20 Hog Guitar Combo Amplifier deals and coupons
The Pignose 7200 HOG20 Hog Guitar Combo Amplifier a portable amp perfect for practicing anywhere. Pignose's HOG20 is surprisingly loud for its size and will produce tones from clean to crunchy. It pumps 10 watts (20 watts maximum) through a 6 1/2 inch speaker and will run for hours on a charge. The adapter/recharger cable is included, and there's even a headphone jack so you can play anytime, day or night. Pignose 7200 HOG20 Features Runs for hours on a single charge Headphone outlet Clean & crunchy tones Runs on AC power Adapter / recharger in...
Belkin Pure Av F8v203-12 Inch 12 Mini Stereo Dubbing Cord 3.5mm deals and coupons
Type: Stereo Cables Color: Black Specifications: Connects your CD and tape players, and mini-speakers Features 3.5mm nickel-plated plugs Features: This Mini-Stereo Audio Cable connects portable audio equipment with mini-stereo jacks, including portable CD players, tape players, CD sound cards, and multimedia speakers. Simply connect each end of your Cable to the mini-stereo jacks of your portable audio components.
Sony 1.4gb Dvd-r 5 Packs Media Model 5dmr30r1h deals and coupons

Sony 1.4gb Dvd-r 5 Packs Media Model 5dmr30r1h

  • updated 3 years ago
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Features: Five packs of 30 minute tape each. Designed for non-linear recording for the purpose of editing. Create and store digital video, audio and multimedia files Compatible for playback with most DVD players and DVD-ROM drives Excellent for one-time capturing of special occasions. DVD-R media is suitable for a permanent video recording or copying Some Compatible
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