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Thrive - Physical

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***This item will ship from our warehouse starting May 2, 2011*** Teenagers face numerous challenges as they make the transition from high school into adulthood, including the challenge of maintaining a vibrant faith. The spiritual topics of childhood and adolescence morph into new questions that often require deeper belief and understanding. Ben Hardman, lead pastor of The Avenue in Louisville, Kentucky, offers insights and inspiration in the 30-day devotional book Thrive: Do More Than Survive Your Faith. As a veteran of both youth ministry an...
A small group is a powerful place! Lives are changed. Important decisions are made. Spiritual growth is enhanced. Jokes are shared. Lifelong friendships are formed. Cliques disappear when a small group becomes a loving community. The result? Spiritually mature teenagers, empowered leaders, and a healthy youth ministry. Good small groups requires leaders?and that?s where you come in. If you?re a small group leader, you may have lots of questions: Am I making a difference? Am I wisely investing my time, energy, and resources? Can I really do this...