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KICKER DIGITAL STEREO CLOCK DOCK / TABLE RADIO FOR ZUNE AND OTHER MP3 PLAYERS Dual alarm allows two to wake to media player, AM/FM radio or buzzer, with a large snooze buttonProvides no-fail, internal power back-up that saves all settings if the electricity goes out, without the use of batteries Sleep timer can be set up from 5 to 120 minutes, playing media player, radio, or aux-in media LCD clock display has 10 brightness levels for optimum glow The Digital Docking System with Alarm make it easier for Zune users to wake up in the morning

Pro Heat Oil Pan Heater Kits

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OIL PAN HEATER KITS Heating pad with self-stick backing installs quickly, easily and permanently to bottom of oil pan-;no tools required Choose from 2 sizes to heat 1-1/2 qt. to 12 qt. oil pans Warm engine oil in cold weather for faster starts and reduced component wear End those overnight winter engine start-up problems forever! Simply install the heating pad and plug it into your 120-volt household outlet. Large unit will heat 6 quarts of oil from -40° F to +60° F in about 2 hours. Efficient-;use less electricity than block heaters. K...