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Emergency Battery Charger deals and coupons

Emergency Battery Charger

$25.00 $14.95
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Product Overview: Charge your cell phone anywhere, anytime Charger runs on one AA battery so you can charge your phone even where electricity is not available Multiple charges for with various cell phones and mini USB powered devices Charger runs on one 1 AA battery Use your phone while it?s charging The Emergency Battery Charges Gives Your Cell Phone Power Anywhere, Anytime Imagine being in an emergency situation without your cell phone. In a time when you need help, you can trust to get the power you need from the Emergency Battery Charger. T...
Am/fm Solar Dynamo Radio With Flashlight deals and coupons
Product Overview: Converts solar energy to power the AM/FM radio and flashlight Solar Dynamo Radio uses a crank for power when the sun in not out Alternate Never Be Left Out in the Dark Again! Be Prepared for the Next Blackout Instead of being helpless if the power goes out, be prepared with the Solar Dynamo Radio: a 3-in-1 solar powered, battery powered, and hand crank powered flashlight and radio. With the AM/FM Solar Dynamo Radio with Flashlight, you can maintain a light source and radio - even if the power is out. Key Be...
3500w Emergency Power Generator deals and coupons

3500w Emergency Power Generator

$850.00 $549.95
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Product Overview: Have a backup generator for emergency power whenever you need it Get electricity whenever and wherever - even in the middle of nowhere Portable, lightweight design lets you bring theemergency power generatorfor travel Perfect for storms, blackouts, or emergencies With thisEmergency Power Generator, Be Prepared for Any Emergency or Power Loss When a power outage occurs, most people are left helpless in the dark, and all they can do is wait for someone to come help them and restore the power. But ...