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Jbj Arctica Titanium Chiller Dba-075 1/10hp

$699.95 $559.99
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Arctica Titanium Aquarium Chillers are state-of-the-art aquarium coolers incorporating the most advance technological features compared to any other chiller on the market. Many years of research and development has allowed us to offer the perfect solution to stabilize water temperatures for your aquarium environment. These units have been designed for maximum temperature pull-down (BTU`s) with the least amount of energy draw.Advance Features: Titanium Heat Exhanger: Unique titanium coil design allows for maximum contact exposure. The absolu...
The Ultra Sun is a 6500K high intensity trichromatic full spectrum daylight lamp. With a CRI rating of 98, it provides excellent color reduction for optimum viewing of your freshwater or marine fish and live corals with a balanced full spectrum of visible light and UVA. Promotes photosynthetic processes in plants and marine algae. Ideal for all freshwater and marine fish as well as reef tanks. Zoo Med`s line of fluorescent aquarium lamps are made in Europe for ultra high quality, color, and longer burn life. Our energy saving T-8 sizes can save...

Sen 900 Gph Submersible & In-line Pump

$109.95 $71.99
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Max Flow Rate: 900 GPHMax Pressure: 17 FTFootprint: 9 x 5Features: Thermally protected Multiple uses (submersible/In-line) Space age design Powerful, quiet, reliable Special ceramic shaft and bushing Ideal for ponds Venturi air induction High performance to cover all aquarium needsVersatility: Sen pumps can be used submerged in all aquariums warranty. The motors are all thermally protected, epoxy filled, and extra length grounded cords are standard in every unit. The impellers are all impact/shatter resistant and are balanced ...
The Ocean Sun is a 10,000k high intensity lamp which creates a beautiful deep ocean effect in your marine or freshwater aquarium. This emission spectrum, strong in the blue regions, supports the photo biological processes of marine algae and freshwater plants. Ocean Sun promotes the growth of zooxanthellae algae, essential for the growth and well being of all photosynthetic corals and invertebrates. Ideal for all marine aquariums, and freshwater aquariums where a deep water effect is desired. Zoo Med`s line of fluorescent aquarium lamps are mad...