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Cable Protection Deals

Oscor Omni Spec. Correlator deals and coupons

Oscor Omni Spec. Correlator

$31,668.00 $24,359.95
  • updated 3 years ago
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Portable & Programmable Counter Surveillance Unit Detects All Bugs Detects Audio/Video Carrier Current & Infrared RF Devices Automatically Stores Encountered Signals In Memory Sonic Ranging & Triangulation To Pinpoint Bug Lcations Built-In Spectrum Analyzer Complete Eavesdropping Detection Station The Oscor Omni Spectral Correlator is the only package you need to debug and locate all audio and video RF bugs. This complete eavesdropping detection package is portable and completely programmable to fit your RF bug detection needs. ...
P-Trac Micro Power Accessory - Long Term Tracking Made Easy deals and coupons
Extend the battery life of your P-Trac Micro GPS Tracking device vehicle battery connection kit. P-Trac Micro Battery Extender can simplify your life by not having to remember to recharge the internal battery every week. Your vehicle battery can now perform that task for you continuously. The P-Trac Micro Battery Extender is a small waterproof case with an attached two-wire power cable for connecting any external 12VDC or 24VDC power source. Most vehicle batteries, construction equipment and farming machinery use such a power so...
5.8ghz All Weather Ir Day-night Camera deals and coupons

5.8ghz All Weather Ir Day-night Camera

$599.95 $399.95
  • updated 3 years ago
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Weatherproof Features: Weatherproof day and night camera Nightvision that allows you to see in complete darkness 40 ft away Interference Free camera that provides clear images All weather metal case that provides the best protection for your camera Included: Camera Camera mount 1 DC adapter 1 6 foot VGA cable 1 Remote control Instruction booklet Receiver sold separately
Programming Kit for Bio Locks deals and coupons

Programming Kit For Bio Locks

$400.00 $299.95
  • updated 3 years ago
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Summary Only to Be Used With L113 Fingerprint Door Locks The Programming Kit is a palm-sized data pad used specifically for programming all functions of the L113 biometric fingerprint door lock. This amazing device is truly revolutionary for the biometrics industry and truly simplifies the process of managing users and managing access. By removing the programming from the door lock, the Programming Kit allows the lock to look less confusing because it eliminates the needs for LCDs, PIN pads, and extraneous buttons to complicate the appearance o...