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Ea Sports Fifa Manager 09

  • updated 3 years ago
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New Line-up and Tactics FIFA Manager 09 includes brand-new line-up and tactics sections. Both are easy to use. but with a new level of depth. Individual orders like tackles, forward runs, passing style, crossing position and frequency are as well available as the options to define special roles like captain, free kick taker, playmaker and target man. Team tactics like offside-trap, counter-attacking or playing direction are of course available as well. In total the users have to figure out the best combination out of well over 20 different tact...

Need For Speed Shift

  • updated 3 years ago
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Need for Speed SHIFT is an award-winning authentic racing game that combines the true driver?s experience with real-world physics, pixel-perfect car models, and a wide range of authentic race tracks. Need for Speed SHIFT takes players in a different direction to create a simulation experience that replicates the true feeling of driving high-end performance cars. Players are thrust into the loud, visceral, intense, athletic experience of racing a car on the edge of control from the driver?s perspective through the combination of perception based...

Dead Space

  • updated 3 years ago
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STRATEGIC DISMEMBERMENT, shear off limbs with powerful weapons as you carve a bloody path through the alien hordes. Find ways to neutralize attacking enemies effectively or they'll keep coming at you. When ammo runs low, use telekinesis to pick up objects even the enemies' own arms and legs and fire them at anything that stands in your way. TERROR IN THE FAR REACHES OF SPACE, A blood-curdling interactive horror experience features state-of-the art graphics and effects, a panic-inducing audio system, and a truly frightening atmosphere of death ...