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Commander Diagnostic Obd2 Tool Audi Vw Vag K Can 1.4 (szc651) deals and coupons
Features :1. Diagnostic via CAN and Special functions via K-line. 2. Covers all electronic control units in vehicles (diagnostic addresses from 0x01 to 0x80). This can allow users to investigate and diagnosis some new units untouchable for remaining diagnostic tools. Functions are under CAN-TP2.0. 3. Manual definition of running diagnostic session not like remaining diagnostic tools always standard diagnostic session 0x89. Function is under CAN-TP2.0. 4. Broadcast diagnostic request. This product provides normal communication, clear DTCs, Logis...
Faber Castell Porsche Rollerball Pen Brown Leather deals and coupons
The P'3150 is a combination of unusual materials. It combines a barrel made of stainless steel that is painstakingly brushed and a leather-coated shell the covers the barrel or cap. These leather shells are made from only the finest calfskin and endure an elaborate tanning process to make then durable but smooth.
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