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Hooked on Phonics Master Reader Premium Edition teaches advanced phonics skills in fun interactive ways! New readers skills cant always keep up with their enthusiasm to read. That s why we created Hooked on Phonics Master Reader. The Premium Edition is designed especially for children ages 7 to 9 who have mastered basic reading skills but need help to read with speed accuracy and confidence. This Hooked on Phonics program teaches kids how to break down large words into parts so they can read more fluently and spend less time and effort sounding...
Brighter Minds have put together a learning kit sure to be a hit for preschool children. It not only has 10 CD ROMs packed with activities three colorful workbooks and three learning card games the actual box that holds all of the materials has a wipe clean practice writing board and erasable marker for children to practice writing their alphabets. In addition there are instructions on the inside of the box cover to turn the box into a lap desk. Why multimedia approach to learning Research shows that education is not effective when reinforced b...

My Big Book Of Listen & Learn

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These simple Listen and Learn matching games are intended for as few as one child or as many as six. The game is not competitive and the goal to fill up your card is easy to understand. The play pattern is similar to bingo so there s a basic familiarity with the call and response format. And while children are practicing their concentration and focusing skills they re also benefiting from educational content: spelling recognizing animals pre math exercises and rhyming. Includes 4 Audio CD Games.

Zizzle Hooked On Phonics Touch Screen Learner

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The Touch Screen Learner features an interactive LCD screen and 14 different learning games for your child to master. Each game reinforces the fundamental building blocks of reading: letter names phonemes beginning spelling and rhyming. Bonus games are unlocked as your child succeeds encouraging them to collect more points as they learn! Recommended for ages 4 & Up. Zizzle Hooked on Phonics Touch Screen Learner Features: * Includes for learning on the go * Includes a touch sensitive interactive screen with stylus * Five unique modes and some bo...
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