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Covered Butter Dishes Deals

Tray & Coaster Set deals and coupons

Tray & Coaster Set

$30.00 $14.99
  • updated 2 years ago
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Plymouth features embossed pumpkins, acorns and ears of corn on a warm, creamy white surface making it ideal for Thanksgiving or any autumn occasion. Platters and plates feature scalloped rims accented with gently flowing, weathered lines. This tray & coaster set is perfect for entertaining. You can easily carry a water pitcher and cooler glasses on the tray, while the coasters are waiting to protect your table surface. The Plymouth tray & coaster set goes great with other Pfaltzgraff Plymouth pieces, like dinnerware sets, covered butter dish...
Covered Butter Dish deals and coupons

Covered Butter Dish

$29.00 $19.99
  • updated 2 years ago
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French Quarter has a color palette of gentle shades of green, rose, and terra cotta that are reminiscent of a carefully tended courtyard garden in New Orleans. This dinnerware can be casual, formal, part of everyday life or any special occasion. Cover your butter for freshness and keep refrigerator odors out. Designed to hold one stick of butter or margarine, but if you put cheese on the bottom and turn the top over and add crackers, you have a novel hors d' oeuvre set. The French Quarter covered butter dish is dishwasher safe and goes great ...
Brown Sugar Crock, Sealed deals and coupons

Brown Sugar Crock, Sealed

$36.00 $24.99
  • updated 3 years ago
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April is the essence of a daydream while strolling through fields of wild flowers. Wide rimmed plates and a crisp white glaze provide a simple backdrop for the random spray of the season's first blooms. This stylish crock features a sealed lid that keeps moisture out, so brown sugar remains granular and free flowing. Sized for 2 lbs. of brown sugar. The April brown sugar crock is dishwasher safe and goes great with other Pfaltzgraff April pieces, like dinnerware sets, a covered butter dish, baking dishes and more. Brown sugar crock is 1 1/4...
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