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Degree In Law Deals

Cool Stuff 2.0: And How It Works Book (hardcover) deals and coupons
Following on the success Cool Stuff and How it Works, this spectacular book shows and explains, in a brilliantly visual and easy-to-understand way, exactly how the technology that shapes our world works. Taking the reader on an eye-opening journey from the engine of a hydrogen-fuelled car, into the virtual world of Second Life, and up the earthquake-proofed structure of the world's tallest office building, learn about the science behind every machine and gadget, and find out when and how things were invented-from mobile phones and games console...
Color Changing Projection Clock deals and coupons
The icons and colors on the Color Changing Projection Clock change based on the status of the 12 to 24 hour advance weather forecast. This innovative forecaster offers continuous backlight and projection display when the included AC adapter is connected. The BAR339PA also projects the precise Atomic time and outdoor temperature in large, easy-to-read numbers onto any flat surface. Sensors will detect if the light in the room intensifies, and will automatically turn on the projection. The atomic clock never needs resetting - a daily radio signal...
Meade Ds-2130ats-lnt Telescope deals and coupons

Meade Ds-2130ats-lnt Telescope

$399.00 $299.00
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Tour the universe with this go-to telescope that finds night sky objects faster than ever. Classic Meade telescope features new enhancements in accuracy and trackingRe-engineered mount with increased accuracyNew advanced field tripod for a solid observing platformEnhanced SmartFinder with multi-coated windowOversized declination lock knob with fast-locking gripMeade optics deliver detailed, crisp, high contrast views1.25'' Super Plossl eyepieces provide wider fields of view – you see more of the sky at greater magnificationsStunning 52-de...
Mythbusters: Big Blasts Collection Dvd deals and coupons
Prepare yourself for the kind of fun that requires safety goggles as the MythBusters team takes on tales of exploding pants, steam-powered machine guns and jailbreak methods and blasts a host of hoaxes to smithereens. Then it's time for martinis and tuxedos as Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage put 007's most outrageous gadgets, getaways and guns to the test in action that will leave you shaken and stirred! Salsa Escape: Jamie and Adam attempt to bust out of a Mexican jail using only salsa - will spicy or mild be the best choice? Then in the bi...
Discovery Macro Microscope deals and coupons

Discovery Macro Microscope

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DISCOVERY EXCLUSIVE! Tap your inner scientist and take a close up look at the beauties and mysteries of the world with your very own microscope! Research-quality in its capabilities but kid-friendly in design, this magnificent microscope offers both micro and macro settings and includes a number of specimen vials and prepared slides to get you started. A fun and educational way to keep the kids entertained, and great for adults, too! The Macro Microscope features: Ability to explore objects from 40 to 400 times their actual size, from bu...
Finding Chandra: A True Washington Murder Mystery (paperback) deals and coupons
The 2001 disappearance of Washington, D.C., intern Chandra Levy, and the discovery of her remains a year later in a remote area of D.C.'s Rock Creek Park, made headlines, especially when her affair with Congressman Gary Condit became known. Pulitzer Prize winning reporters Higham and Horwitz expand on their 13-part Washington Post investigation that in 2008 identified Levy's likely killer, delivering a meticulous study of the case and the media circus surrounding it. The police immediately focused on Condit in Levy's disappearance. Though the C...
Baby Story Season 10 Dvd Set deals and coupons

Baby Story Season 10 Dvd Set

$49.95 $34.99
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This title is exclusive to the Discovery Channel Store. Cherish 45 remarkable episodes from Season 10!Go inside the delivery room for a voyeuristic peek at the drama of labor and the joy and relief of this unforgettable moment. A Baby Story profiles the emotional journey of parents-to-be and captures the experience of having a baby from the early preparation to the delivery room – revealing the emotional, physical and social aspects of child birth.Follow several couples on this unforgettable day and get a 360 degree view of the delivery ...
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